AEC Solar

AEC – alternative energy for our future

Produce electricity, sell it and save money

Use the power of the sun – finally it is available every day again. If we would take advantage of its enormous energy potential with today's technology, Germany’s annual needs of electricity could be met more than 80 times. In case of the photovoltaic, the free available and for millions of years guaranteed solar energy is converted directly into electricity. Thus obtained power will be fed into the public electricity network – and you can start to collect money. Guaranteed for 20 years – by law!

The photovoltaic technology is undoubtedly the environmental friendliest way to produce electricity. There neither are pollutants nor smell or noise, and it has absolutely no influence on the greenhouse effect. To produce around 800 to 1000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, a module area of only 8 square meters normally is sufficient. This of course depends on the location of your building and its compass direction.
For a more accurate calculation we would like to offer you our free professional assistance – including revenue forecast.

Guaranteed payment of solar power

Due to the current political situation, the compensation rates change frequently. Do not hesitate to contact us for the current rates of payment.