AEC Mountsystem


The AEC MOUNTSYSTEM is a well-engineered, TÜV-approved modular system with 20° tilt angle which is implemented during assembly with a minimum investment in personnel. The fast and secure assembly is based on interconnected system components. Penetrating the flat roof is not necessary. Similarly, building protection mats as coverings or as correction of roof irregularities are not necessary.


  • Modular system with minimal effort during assembly.
  • Fast and secure assembly with interconnected system components.
  • No roof penetration required.
  • High quality corrosion-resistant steel, stainless steel and aluminum construction for a longer lifetime.
  • Wind tunnel tested and optimized.
  • No pollution as water flow is guaranteed.
  • Low load and high stability.
  • Roof pitch up to 5°.
  • Own structural system.
  • For modular sizes of width x length: 98-101 × 150-168.5 cm